Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 Days of Art Supplies

This is the crazy and wonderful Rita singing my version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It goes like this:
On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me;
12 Conte Crayons
11 Sable Brushes
10 Colored Pencils
9 Pigma Ink Pens
8 Kneaded Erasers
7 Watercolors
6 Graphite Pencils
5 Golden Paints
4 Blending Stumps
3 Palette Knives
2 Pan Pastels
And a Strathmore Visual Journal

I always thought the twelve days of Christmas led up to Christmas but it actually starts on Christmas night and goes to the beginning of Epiphany which is the morning of January 6th. Epiphany is the climax of the advent/Christmas season and the 12 days of Christmas. I like it that the twelve days of Christmas starts with the birth of Jesus and goes on to usher in a New Year too.

I did get a Strathmore Visual Journal, mixed media, for Christmas. I am loving the paper, it erases cleanly (hey some of them don't) and is holding up well to all the paint, glues, markings and tools I'm using on it. I will be posting a lot of art from my new journal this coming year. Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I always thought the same thing, about the 12 days of Christmas. I to like it better this way. I'd like to see the Visual journal, got my curiosity peeked.
    Thanks for stopping by, I know it's not easy, creating and making the rounds, but since the 12 days have changed, (or I did), there are 8 days left to wish everyone happy!


  2. I love this song and I think it can work for birthdays as well!

  3. The song was so cute!!! Yes you did comment before on my blog and THANKS!!! I accidently messed up and posted something else and it got all messed up so I just reposted tpday's blog but I lost all of my comments :(
    Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  4. Karen- great blog site! How interesting to watch your works in progress - and the final results! I have sent the site to our art teacher, as well as to another friend with her art degree. Keep up the creativity! Tell Thom hi from Dilla.

  5. Karen-
    Please excuse me for following up our Strathmore class conversation here, but I am blown awya by your blog!!!! Gorgeous!!! I don't maintain a blog right now, but have a presence on Flicker, where I am known as the Mistress of Longears:
    See you in class!