Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bonny's Birthday

My little girls birthday is today, she is two years old, officially ending her puppy years. Here she is with one of her birthday presents. She got to snack on apples all day long that I dehydrated for her and she got raw egg mixed in with her regular food. Egg-y is her favorite!


  1. Happy birthday Bonny!!
    About Pam Carriker. Do you have an art group you belong to? If you do, all you have to do is email her and ask her if she would be interested in coming and doing a workshop. That's what I did--when I found out that she lives in Springfield!!

  2. Thanks Janet. I will do that, hopefully she will come. Springfield isn't that far.

  3. Hi Karen - I had to stop by your blog and find Bonny... what a cutie! I'm a dog lover too and it's really such a wonderful thing to have a furball in your life, huh? :) Thanks for stopping by my's great to meet new creatives.