Monday, July 11, 2011

Change is good

Meet Mr. Blythe. 
His daily commute included Starbucks. That's when he did his best thinking.

Mr. Blythe is the first in my new series "Face Page". I will be painting on pages from "The Passing Bells" by Phillip Rock, circa 1978. I plan to go through the whole book with this series, 433 pages in all. I will make the title of each piece from the words already on the page- however weird that might turn out to be. That's how Mr. Blythe got his name.

New changes on my blog- a new banner and a new name. I bought the domain name "" and wanted to change everything to match. I am working on a website that I hope to have going by the end of this year. Writing your own html code is no picnic.

Also new for me is an etsy shop I just opened, you can visit my new shop here. I will have at least 7 pieces listed by the end of the day. Right now Mr. Blythe is all by himself in there.


  1. awesome! i will love to see how this series developes!=)

  2. LOVE Mr. Blythe Karen, and love the concept series:0) I look forward to watching the development:0))) Totally fab! :0)) xxx <3

  3. LOving Mr. Blythe. Also like this book idea. Will look forward to seeing more.
    Darlene (found you on Strathmore)