Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New series - "FacePage"

This is a series I am currently working on with mixed media on book pages. These pages are taken from "The Passing Bells" by Phillip Rock, circa 1978. For this series, I plan on working through the whole book, 433 pages in all.

The title of each piece will be taken from words already on the page and still visible through the paint.

Also, each piece has it's own story line. The story will be what was running through my head before, during or after I painted it. Because there has to be a story.

And here are the first nine pages:
 Title: "Coming on Like the Wind"
The story: She could feel it in every breath she took. She was about to be set free from her past and all that entangled her. A change was coming on, coming on like the wind.

 Title: "Summer 1914"
The story: Best of friends, the girls would always spend their summers together.

Title: "Feminine Glow"
The story: She reached for the stars...and got one.

 Title: "Mr. Blythe"
The story: His daily commute included Starbucks. That's when he did his best thinking.

 Title: "Full of Mustard"
The story: Being high-spirited and a bit edgy, Grandpa George said she was full of mustard.

 Title: "Foxe"
The story: She painted her lips Botox Red, just to show them off.

 Title: "A Very Pretty Girl"
The story: She still loved her kiki, even after all these years.

 Title: "Burgate Hill"
The story: As she peered out over the wall, she was surprised to find the grass really was greener on the other side.

 Title: "Sacrifice"
The story: Her deepest desire was to help others. She made the sacrifice. She became a nurse.

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  1. I love, love, love this series! Wow - I am so glad I found your blog :)

    I always love the way paintings look on book pages, and yours are some of the best I've seen! I think your use of color is fantastic... I can't wait to see more!